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Biolog User Guide

1. Prepare skin on patient for electrode application,
apply sticky electrodes to skin, connect crocodile clips to electrodes.

Click Here for electrode placement guide.

2. Connect 12 lead cable to Biolog ensuring the flat side of connection is facing toward you.
3. Turn Biolog ON, after a few seconds the Biolog will begin to monitor the ECG, lead II will be displayed.

You can now acquire the ECG by holding the Mode button in until it makes a rising tone.

4. You will now see the ECG acquiring, the procedure is complete when FINISHED is displayed in the screen of the Biolog.

You may now download the ECG onto the Computer.

4. Open CardioView software.
5. Press the First icon ‘New Patient’.
6. Press ‘New’ button to enter new patient details.
7. A progress bar will now appear in the centre of the monitor.

The ECG is now being downloaded.
The ECG will now be displayed in the centre of the screen.

9. Press the Printer icon at the top of the screen to print out report.
10. A detailed report can be viewed by pressing the ‘Details’ button at the side of the ECG.


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Click Here for Biolog Specifications.
Click Here for Data Presentation.

The CardioView software uses Cardionics ECG Det program click Here for data.