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Disposable Electrodes.
Skin Preparation:
Clean with alcohol or usual skin prep, if necessary. If the patients are very hairy – shave the electrode areas.

Trouble Shooting.
When no signal or a poor signal is observed the following should be considered:
1. Have the cables been correctly connected?
2. Is the equipment functioning correctly?
3. Could external electrical equipment interference be a problem?
4. Was skin preparation adequate?
5. Could the electrodes suffer from
a) gel dry out?
b) Poor adhesion?

12 Lead (10 Electrode) Placement Guide:

ECG Electrode Placement

V1: Fourth intercostal space to the right of the sternum.
V2: Fourth intercostal space to the Left of the sternum.
V3: Directly between leads V2 and V4.
V4: Fifth intercostal space at midclavicular line.
V5: Level with V4 at left anterior axillary line.
V6: Level with V5 at left midaxillary line.
(Directly under the midpoint of the armpit)


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