Biolog 3000i 12 Lead interpretive ECG machine integrates into EMIS, TOREX & VISION!
Attach perfect quality ECG's into your patient notes system!

" The Biolog 3000i ECG machine is an excellent piece of electronic wizardry that makes the vision of a paperless practice more of a reality "

Biolog ECG machine
  • Biolog Benefits

  • Patient ECG's can be attached into your patient notes and viewed from all network terminals providing a paperless solution for your practice.
  • Biolog is small & lightweight, ideal for surgery and home visits.
  • Biolog prints high quality A4 plain paper reports direct from PC.
  • Biolog comes with Networkable Interpretive ECG Software (CardioView).
  • Biolog is simple to Use. It has one button operation to store full 12 lead ECG.
  • Download the ECG to PC via serial cable, it's so simple!
  • Biolog is accurate, reliable and rugged so you can buy with confidence.
  • Biolog is the ideal GP ECG machine, it is strong, built in a re-enforced plastic case.
  • Biolog has also become the PC based system of choice world-wide. Clinically validated windows interpretive ECG software included.
  • Training pack included.

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ECG patient Designed for all Medical Practitioners.

Biolog is a hand held 12 lead ECG machine. It stores ECG ready for download to PC. It will also display and record instant 12 lead ECG by placing the Biolog directly on to the patients chest.
Biolog comes with CardioView software for reviewing, interpretation, printing and attaching ECG's into your patient notes system.
Including: EMIS, Torex & Vision!

Biolog & EMIS LV The perfect 12 Lead ECG solution.
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Click Here for Easy Steps Biolog User Guide.
Click Here for Biolog Specifications.
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The CardioView software uses Cardionics ECG Det program click here for data.

Biolog ECG machine


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